2020 Family Update

Happy 2020, friends! We are just barely into March and already this year has rolled in with quite an exciting update! 

For those close family and friends that know us well, this specific family update isn’t necessarily new to you but to those who don’t know, our biggest update is that we found out in November 2019 that we are pregnant and will be welcoming a second little bundle of joy into our family in July 2020! It’s been so fun to reflect on God’s faithfulness as just a couple years ago we were unsure if we would ever be able to have children, let alone two! I sometimes can’t even believe that I am pregnant again! 

On Monday, March 2, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound. I did the same thing I did with Titus and clung to the truths in Psalm 139. “Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” As someone who struggles with anxiety and worry, these verses have been so comforting to me. God has had a plan for this little baby since before we even thought about having a second child so no matter what, this little life has been created for a purpose! I ended up having the same Ultrasound Technician as I did with Titus so we had great conversation and she did great about calming my nerves as she walked us through all body parts. After being in the appointment an hour, this little baby gave the technician quite an adventure as the technician still struggled to get many successful photos of the head measurements so we made an appointment to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks to finish getting the photos we needed.

After being torn throughout the first half of pregnancy on what the gender was, I decided that we were going to have another boy. Almost all of my friends who have been pregnant with their second babies were all having the same gender as their first so I figured that our odds for having another boy were quite high! However, I was surprised to find out that we will be welcoming a sweet baby GIRL! Zach had had a feeling it was a girl the entire time I’ve been pregnant and I was so happy that his “feelings” were accurate this time around! We left the appointment feeling excited and thankful for a healthy baby girl! 

Later that afternoon, I got a call from the Maternal-Fetal Medicine department scheduling me for an appointment on March 3. I was told that I needed to be seen by a doctor regarding results from the ultrasound. Those were the only details I was given. To be honest, I was absolutely terrified! I know that most of the people that get these calls never receive good news about their babies. That afternoon, Zach and I called and texted as many prayer warriors as we could think of because we were not sure what we were about to walk into with this appointment. 

We went to our appointment and talked with the doctor. He explained that in the middle of the brain, there is a space where the Cerebral Spinal Fluid is circulated throughout the brain and down to the spinal cord. They measure that space in the ultrasound and the normal measurement cutoff for that space in the brain is 10mm. Our girl’s measurement was 11mm, 1mm outside the normal range. He explained that being outside the normal range can be an indication of potential genetic abnormalities (Trisomy 13, 18, Down’s Syndrome, etc). However, 90% of the time, everything is just fine and baby is healthy. He said in most cases, they can usually see other signs for these abnormalities when they look at other parts of the body on the ultrasound but thankfully, they couldn’t see any abnormalities or other concerns with our girl. He recommended that we do the prenatal blood test that would screen for these genetic abnormalities so we decided to do that. We will find out the results in about 10 days and if it is negative, the test is 99% accurate. Thankfully, the doctor was optimistic that the baby is healthy and that everything will be all right as this can be a common concern for many patients. So, though, it’s not necessarily comforting news, Zach and I both left the appointment feeling more encouraged and more at peace then before.

The anxious and worrier prone person that I am, is still nervous. I still can easily get on the “what if” train but I’m choosing to trust God. We serve a big God. He’s the same God that made blind men see, made the lame walk and even brought dead people back to life. The whole Earth obeys His commands so we are choosing to believe that God is bigger than any “concern” or “measurement” they find on an ultrasound. We believe that God will whole heartedly keep our baby girl healthy and that she will pass the genetic screening and next ultrasound with flying colors! No matter what, our God is so good and He has designed our sweet girl on purpose, for a purpose. I do believe there is power in prayer so if you would join us in praying for our sweet girl over the next few weeks, I’d so greatly appreciate it! We will continue to pray for the genetic screening test to come back negative and that we are able to get better photos of her head to solidify that she is healthy in there! 

A big thanks goes out to our friends Katie and Chris for going all out and throwing an impromptu gender reveal for us at our church connection group. It was fun to forget about all the fears about her health and to instead celebrate our little girl and the life God is creating for her! I’m thankful for such great friends and people who also see the power in prayer and are joining us in our prayers for a healthy baby!

Author: mkfleer

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