Fashion on a Budget

Happy Friday, friends! When I wrote my first blog post, I shared with you my love for fashion and style in hopes that I would share some style ideas, tips and inspiration on this blog at some point. So today I’m going to share what I do to have good style on a budget!

I have always enjoyed clothes and accessories because they’ve allowed me to express myself and be who I want to be. “Dress for Success” has always been a phrase that I’ve taken to heart. I’ve come to find that the days that I dress well are days that I am much more productive. My style is always evolving but typically you’ll find me wearing jeans with a dressy top, a leather handbag and some killer shoes (lately it’s been booties, cowboy boots or flats). Jeans are what I am most comfortable in so I like to dress up the look as much as possible. This look below was taken by a friend of mine at the Columns in the heart of University of Missouri’s campus. MIZ! What I love about styles like this are that I can do virtually anything in it! I love how casual and laid back it is but yet it was dressy and perfect for walking downtown (which is what we did that night)!


When I graduated college, I graduated with a ridiculous amount of student debt. Over the last five years, Zach and I have been trying to pay off my student loans as quickly as possible. Recently, we both reevaluated our budget and made some tweaks so that we could be more conscientious with the way we spent our money. Unfortunately, that changes the way I shop. I’ve always liked to shop for a bargain, but since we’ve tightened up the reins on our budget, it’s really caused me to be more careful with what I spend money on. My desire to be debt-free has been greater than the desire to invest in current fashion fads that will soon fade, so I’ve been doing these following things to ensure I have great style while still on a budget.

Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops: Like I said previously, thrift stores and consignment shops are the perfect places to find awesome pieces for cheap! I do like name-brand things, but there are tons of items in my closet that are brands I have never heard of before! Also, shopping at thrift stores in big cities is a great way to get expensive items for cheap! I once found a pair of brand new Birkenstock clogs for Zach at a Goodwill in St. Louis for $0.75! Talk about a bargain when they retail for $100-120!

Closet Rotations with Friends: I have recently started to rotate some of my unwanted clothes and accessories with friends in exchange for some of their unwanted items! My friend, Laura and I discovered that we basically wear the same size jeans and the same size tops, so we decided that whenever we are ready for some new clothes, we exchange with each other. It’s so fun to look in my closet the next day and have new things to wear that didn’t cost me a penny!

Discovering New Outfits with Clothes I Already Own: Some days I look in my closet and think to myself, “You have nothing to wear” but that is absolutely not true! Taking the time to mix and match some of the pieces I have and pairing them with something I’ve never worn with it gives my clothes new life. When I dig deep into my drawers and find things I haven’t worn in months and then make a new outfit with it, it allows me to get the most out of my wardrobe for cheap!

Saving for What I Really Want: I love to have great quality pieces!  I’ve learned that I’d rather spend more money on purses and shoes that are good quality then to have to purchase new every year. But, since I am on a budget, I have been teaching myself to save up to buy what I really want or ask for it for my birthday or for Christmas. This gives me the opportunity to still get the item I really want but also prevent myself from being a victim of “buyer’s remorse” and living outside of my budget. The purse pictured above is from Coach and it’s one of my absolute favorites. It was also my Christmas present from my parents last year! So, again, I saved money!

Those are just a few things that I’ve been doing lately that have helped curb my appetite for shopping and allowed me to pay down more debt. I hope those are helpful for you, too, and will allow you to reinvent the closet you already have! Hope you have a great weekend!




Author: mkfleer

Wife. Dog Mom. Follower of Christ.

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